Welcome To Our Company

2006 – 2008
Aza D Frozen House LLC was founded in 2006. Our very first steps was a great business in corporation Truewonder Industrial International Chinese company to import TEDE brand network passive solutions and accessories to IRAN from China.
We also offered Door 2 Door service to both Iranian and Chinese trading companies which was one of our best services in whole time.

2008 – 2010
We opened our first manufacture in IRAN in 2008 that produced more than 18000 tons Grade A frozen Chicken Paw and Feet yearly.

2010 – 2014
In the road of success we officially chosen as top export company in IRAN in 2012, 2013 and 2014. We established our new manufacture in Abbas-Abad Industrial Area – close to Tehran – in 2013 with corporation with Farasoo company and produce beef, sheep and pig offal with capacity of more than 5000 tons.
We also export Chicken paw and feet and Beef, Sheep and Pig Offal from Asia and Europe directly to China...Readmore