Beef Omasum

The omasum is the third compartment of the stomach in ruminants. Though its functions have not been well-studied, it appears to primarily aid in the absorption of water, magnesium, and the volatile fatty acids produced by rumen fermentation, that have not been absorbed into the bloodstream yet. The numerous folds of its mucosa are thought to trap digesta particles so the maximum amount of nutrients may be absorbed.
Omasum not discharge any substance, but a lot of water and some organic acids are absorbed by Omasum.

Additional Information

NAME : Beef Omasum
SITUATION : Beef Omasum should be look likes a boat and is quite healthy, fresh and in one-piece. Omasum processing is totally traditional with use of salt, but in the process all salt – over 90 percent – will be washed. Our omasums are in low humidity and no water.
PACKAGE : 20 kg frozen beef omasum in poly-nylon within a white shirring carton. Most of packages contain 5 pieces of omasum.
EXPIRE DATE : Two Year after production date (in frozen condition)