Chicken Gizzard

Chicken gizzards are a popular food throughout the world. Grilled chicken gizzards are sold as street food in Haiti and throughout Southeast Asia. In Indonesia, gizzard and liver are considered part of a complete fried poultry dish. Stewed gizzards are eaten as a snack in Portugal, while pickled turkey gizzards are a traditional food in some parts of the Midwestern United States. In Hungary it is made with paprika. In Nigeria gizzard is either grilled or fried and served with stew and fried plantain. In the Southern United States, the gizzard is typically served fried, sometimes eaten with hot sauce or honey mustard, or added to crawfish boil along with crawfish sauce, and it is also used in traditional New Orleans gumbo. In Chicago, gizzard is battered, deep fried and served with french fries and sauce. Gizzard and mashed potato is a popular food in many European countries. In France, especially the Dordogne region, duck gizzards are eaten in the traditional Périgordian Salad, along with walnuts, croutons and lettuce. The Chamber of Commerce in Potterville, Michigan has held a Gizzard Fest each June since 2000; a gizzard-eating contest is among the weekend’s events. In Iran some kebab restaurants mix chicken gizzards in their koobideh kebabs to increase the meat content. In Italy gizzards are often used mixed with other offal.

Additional Information

NAME : Chicken Gizzard
SITUATION : Frozen Chicken Gizzard is totally Fresh and Healthy, without bad smell and Big enough, Without any damage. Process is contain washing by water. Moisture is between 14 to 18 percentages.
PACKAGE 20 Kg Sheering Pack Carton Chicken Gizzard contain 4*5kg poly-nylon package
EXPIRE DATE : One Year after production date (in frozen condition)
VISUAL CONDITION : Without break Without skin and feather Fresh Humidity between 14 to 18 percentages