Sheep Pizzle

Sheep Pizzle has low cholesterol and reach in proteins, hormones, vitamins and minerals such as calcium and magnesium and eaten in some countries (such as China and other Asia-Pacific countries). For example, the Chinese athletes in the 2008 Olympics eat pizzle to increase their endurance. Sheep Pizzle can poured in soup or as a side-tasting beer drinking. In Jamaica, a soup made of Sheep Pizzle is thought to increase sexual instincts.

Sheep Pizzle used as chewing gum for therapeutic approach for the dogs.

Additional Information

NAME : Sheep Pizzle
SITUATION : Sheep Pizzles are one-piece, fresh and pizzle head left attached and root end trimmed and squared. In production of pizzles at first they washed by water – without any added material – to clean from blood and hair then being frozen.
PACKAGE : 20 kg frozen sheep pizzles in poly-nylon within a white shirring carton.
EXPIRE DATE : Two Year after production date (in frozen condition)
WEIGHT (EACH ITEM) : About 500 to 800 gr